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-----Major Medical Insurance----
International Major Medical Health
Excess Major Medical Health Insurance
Medicare Bridge Plan
Group International Major Medical Insurance

 -----Non Sports Disability Insurance Plans-----
Physicians & Surgeons High Limit Disability Insurance
Executive Plan Disability Insurance
Entertainment & Star Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance for personal or business needs
Pilots Disability Insurance

------Sports Disability Insurance Plans----
Professional Athlete High Limit Disability Insurance
Professional Racer Disability Insurance
Professional Golfers Disability Insurance
Pro Jockey  Disability Insurance

-----Life Insurance----
High Limit Accident Insurance
Confidential Insurable Interest  Life Insurance
International Term Life Insurancel

-------Contingency Programs----
Kidnap & Ransom Coverages
Event Cancellation/Non Appearance

-----Liability Insurance Plans----
Professional Athletes Asset Protector
Employment Practices Protector
Fixed or Equity Index Annuities

----Buy-Sell Stock Redemption Plans---
Stock Redemption /Buy-Sell Life Insurance
Stock Redemption /Buy-Sell Disability Cover
Key Man/Executive Life Insurance
Key Man/Executive Disability Insurance

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